Dalan Hargrave


125 carat frog  carved out of Oregon Sunstone

This 125 carat frog was carved out of Oregon Sunstone by Dalan Hargrave as part of a multi-stone "Frog Prince" entry that won a first place Cutting Edge award in the 218 AGTA Spectrum Awards. Dalan has been working with Oregon Sunstone for decades and his work is featured on this site.


Towards the end of the 2017 mining season, Ales Patrick Krivanek, former owner of PANA Mine contacted me about a very large and clean piece of Oregon Sunstone rough that weighed approx. 400 carats with great clarity and interesting shades of color. I was very lucky that Ales gave me the opportunity to purchase this piece of rough from him with a guarantee that it will be put to good use, and I will be forever grateful. After receiving the piece, I sent it immediately to Dalan Hargrave to see if he wanted to carve 'something' out of it.


I gave no input, and when he contacted me 6 months later with the final piece, I was completely blown away. To me the fairy tale like scene of 'frog prince' is the the most sophisticated subject matter of all gemstone art with a deep and rich German history. The frog has opal and black jade eyes, with a gold crown set with 13 diamonds and 8 sapphires. The base is made of carved calcite, and the bottom is carved from jade. The lily pads are carved from high quality jade, and the lily is white chalcedony with a yellow sapphire flower. There is gold plant life, and reverse intaglio carved tadpoles.


This work demonstrates a lifetime of dedication to the highest standards in many different jewelry disciplines. It provides a teaching example and standard for young lapidaries to follow and live up to. Congratulations to the Hargrave family for their team efforts and achievements.


All images courtesy of AGTA, taken by Brian Moghadam Photography