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Why I like Oregon Sunstone?


It’s one of the easiest materials to do the cutting and polishing on, and yet can be one of the most complex materials, optically. So, it affords a really wide range of expressive opportunities, especially for the technically savvy – and it offers that with a minimum of hardships in manifesting that expression. It offers a range of sizes and entry costs – with a range of potential returns on the investment, depending on the skills of the cutter. We can work from champagne into wonderful deep greens and reds, and bicolors and tricolors and dichroic or trichroic presentations. We can work with decorative inclusions. We can work with polysynthetic twinning as a decorative feature (“Rainbow Sunstone” TM ). Finally, we can work with any of these things in any combination with each other. Oregon Sunstone offers this range from the most affordable and simple material to some elegant and highly-complex. It truly supports every level of learning, practice, and expression – and every budget along that continuum.

Welcome to the Faceting Academy – the best place to learn faceting precious gems for fun or profit.


Some of the latest comments, stories, gems, events, techniques, etc will be posted on the Blog page. You can learn faceting for free using our many free resources, with free faceting videos and free faceting articles on things like how to evaluate faceting rough, how to facet Oregon Sunstone – even a detailed article on how to deal with schiller in Oregon Sunstone. For more ambitious students of the faceting art, we offer a membership area with extensive reports, videos, how-to, and classes you can take from home.

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Welcome to the home of high-quality custom-cut gems – including natural, untreated gemstones and certified gems.


I’m John Bailey, and I provide faceting services for collectors, dealers, miners and museums around the world. As featured on the Travel Channel, I design and create custom gemstones and jewelry. Whether you want to purchase a one of a kind piece of fine jewelry or to have an artist help you design your own engagement ring, I’m here to help.


If you want to learn how to facet precious gems, you can follow this link to Learn Faceting with John Bailey at the International Faceting Academy.


If you are a faceter or lapidary artist and want to polish like magic, you can follow this link to get some of my own Voodoo Magic Faceting Polish. It’s not a re-labeling of a commercial product, but something I personally formulated and personally make.

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