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I have a background and education in film and had a prestigious art gallery for over 10 years representing artists from all around the world. I talked about taking Metalsmithing classes, but never seemed to find the time. Well my adult kids signed me up for my first class as a Mothers Day gift May 2014. At 55 that June my life changed! That first class I knew I was hooked! I picked it up super fast, took as many classes as I could and just went for it on my own! I decided that my second ring ever was going to the Humane Society Auction where I volunteer by created large scale concerts in our community to raise funds and awareness. I was excited to donate this ring and did a paw print cut out under the metal as tribute to animal rescue. The ring sold for 975.00 and my Facebook blew up with people wanting a ring. I didn’t plan on another business it just happened and I was having a blast creating and I donate a portion to the Humane Society and other animal rescue.

That first year I met a jeweler from Israel and was able to hire her for private lessons which made a huge difference in my abilities. I guess I was thinking I’m 55 and don’t want to take 10 years to learn it all. My husband built me a beautiful studio and the clients kept coming. I felt like I really found my true passion! The one that feeds my soul.

Last year I was featured on KOMO News “Seattle Refined” and this year Voted “Best Jeweler” in our community which meant so much. Just last week I was given another honor by being asked to create a signature pin for the top donors of our Museum.  I’m 59, busier than ever and loving it! My passion for creating and the journey a gem takes from rough to amazing inspires me every day!

Whether I am taking apart an old piece and giving it new life or drawing and designing a new creation each project is exciting.


Wedding rings where both stones come from the same piece of rough, a “Something Blue” or “New” for a bride, birthday, graduation, sweet 16, retirement, Anniversary, a girl power ring, and other meaningful life celebrations  each piece and experience is simply a gift I get to experience and make special. I love sending images and videos as pieces evolve allowing my clients to see there piece come to life. You can see more of my work on my design page on FB and Instagram at Robin Callahan Designs.



I remember coming across an image of an Oregon Sunstone and looked it up to find out more. Discovered Ravenstein Gems and fell in love with every image I saw. I remember contacting you and requesting an appointment at the Tucson Gem Show last year. This was the one appointment I was so excited for. Your selection was mind blowing and after quite some time left with 7 and knew that was just the start. I remember ogling them in my hotel that night anxious to share with my clients and create with them. I purchased many more that year as well as an adventure out to your Mine where I got to find a few incredible ones on my own and leave with some amazing rough to have cut.

My clients took a bit unaware of these beauties, but have now fallen in love! I just finished a commissioned ring and have several more commissions under way and two pieces being carved with one  very special 200 ct Orange Schiller in Dalan Hargrave’s talented hands. That one I will design a pendant and enter it into my first ever competition.

My selection of these beauties from Pana Mine has grown quite a bit as well as the attention they are getting from my clients. I see this unique gem escalating in price and value so feel confident acquiring as many as I can!



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