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BOYD FOX (Fox Hop Jewelry & Red Carpet Gem Market)

WOW, what a fantastic website. Clearly an enormous amount of thought and effort went into the making of this site. This site hold all the answers to any questions one might have about Oregon Sunstone. In fact, I feel like after reading through all the content on this site I have the knowledge to answer any questions a client might have regarding this great material.

 The history section I found especially intriguing as a virtual meet and greet with the mine owners. I see these people faces and mine names at all the gem shows and now I have an understanding of what they have done to get these gems to market.

 The best part of this whole website is the charts regarding value and rarity. This is one of those areas where even I, who is in trade, still had issues with understanding. Now, however, I can simply check this site for grading and value of material. What a wonderful tool that I am sure I will use frequently.


Boyd Fox,

Fox Hop Jewelry & Red Carpet Gem Market

John Dyer

The Oregon Sunstone Guide is a great initiative by Ales P. Krivanek to gain more publicity for this wonderful American gemstone. Sunstone is currently a great value for buyers since it is mined in the USA and is often less expensive than similar color tourmaline and other gems from overseas. This relatively low price is probably mainly due to the lack of exposure and this website is a great step in the right direction to help people understand sunstone better and get to know this lovely gem variety.

This website is a very useful reference for lovers of Sunstone and those who are getting to know it in order to fall in love with Oregon's state gemstone. Here you can locate the miners, cutters, jewelry makers and other professionals who work especially with Sunstone.


John Dyer,

Award winning gem cutter